Tuesday, 3 January 2017

SharePoint New Framework - Development Machine Preparation

Here we come with next baby steps to be project ready for new SharePoint development Framework 2016.

Development Machine Preparation

As my previous blog we already have installed Node.js, Visual Studio code and Python 2.7.

Now we have to run some specific commands to make our Development machine ready. All the commands are available on github as well. One thing want to clarify my blog is specific to windows Machine not for Linux or Mac as i don't have it.

I found little difficult to run the command in Windows Command prompt so i am suggesting Windows Cmder to download and installed in your Machine. its up to you if you like any other command prompt like Windows Powershell or any other tool.

One more thing i want to specify here is You should have Administrative Access to your development Machine. so make sure you ask your Network or system Team to provide Admin Access to your machine and if you are owning the system like a personal laptop or PC then no issue at all, you are the Super Admin.:)

Below are commands to be run on your Machine with Admin Privilege.

1. Check the version of Node js.
   Type in command prompt
   Node --version
   it should be 4.5.0 since we installed the same
2. npm install -g npm@3
3. you need to installed Windows Build tool, below is the command
   npm install -g --production windows-build-tools
4. Install Yeoman and Gulp, Yeoman is a Project Generator like we had previously in Visual studio SharePoint Visual Webparts and Gulp is used for building and Packaging the SharePoint Client side webpart solution.
  npm install -g yo gulp
5. Install Yeoman SharePoint Generator  which helps to create Client side webpart SharePoint Solution
  npm install -g @microsoft/generator-sharepoint

Hope you will not get any error or issue but if you get let me know will try to figure out. Make sure you try with open Environment without any Corporate Firewall. Firewall might block some of the installation so better to do practice on Personal Laptop at home or Open Firewall.

Next blog we will try to create the Helloworld Webpart.

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