Tuesday 19 April 2016

Create cascaded Cross site Look up column in SharePoint office 365

Problem Statement

Cascade Cross site lookup column in office 365 SharePoint Hosted app.

let me explain the requirement.

There are three Lists namely Country City and District present in Root site of a web application (https://www.abc.com/)

Now they want to create a Column name UserCountry UserCity and UserCity in a List called Consumer with lookup at this site( https://www.abc.com/sites/Consumer ). These three Column data should be coming respectively from Country,City and District column of root site.  There should be a feature of filtering the Column value in drop down like if Country USA is selected only cities related with USA should be shown in City column Dropdown in New or Edit form of the List Consumer.

Some thing like below screenshot we need to get the output. This should be achieved with SharePoint hosted app only.

Cascade Cross site Lookup

I request please provide your opinion to this Problem in comment box.

 will try to provide the solution in near future

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