Tuesday, 9 June 2015

SharePoint Popup Model dialog is not closing on click of button

Problem :

I have to close the SharePoint Model dialog on click of the cancel Button. It worked fine in SharePoint 2010 but same code when i moved to SharePoint 2010 farm then it did not  work.

HTML Snippet:

on click i have called the CloseModelPopUp() javascript method. This javascript close the SharePoint Dialog in 2010 environment but it did not close in SharePoint 2013.

Solution :

I have searched on google and i got the idea instead of using the above code we have to use some other function. and it was easy in real just a single line of java script.

Above script worked like a charm in SP 2013 and closed the SharePoint Model Dailog.

Below link from where i got the solution.


You will get more explanation why the above script does not work in SharePoint 2013 using the above link.

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