Wednesday 21 January 2015

Get Operating system Information using JavaScript in a SharePoint Page

Issue Description:

Recently Business user has asked me to display the Browser Operating system to the top of a SharePoint Portal home page. So if some SharePoint functionality does not support for Windows XP or other operating system, user should be aware of that.

Restriction: We should not use the Server side code


I planned to go with java script solution to get the OS details. I have searched over the internet and found some of the solution. One of the solution I am going to use below.


 I have added a content Edit webpart to the Home page of the Portal.

Added the below HTML code to the Content Editor.

HTML Code:

create a div element with id "OSMessage" and give the style="Float:right".

Add below code to java script tag


function GetOS()
var nAgt = navigator.userAgent;

        // system
        var os;
        var clientStrings = [
            {s:'Windows 3.11', r:/Win16/},
            {s:'Windows 95', r:/(Windows 95|Win95|Windows_95)/},
            {s:'Windows ME', r:/(Win 9x 4.90|Windows ME)/},
            {s:'Windows 98', r:/(Windows 98|Win98)/},
            {s:'Windows CE', r:/Windows CE/},
            {s:'Windows 2000', r:/(Windows NT 5.0|Windows 2000)/},
            {s:'Windows XP', r:/(Windows NT 5.1|Windows XP)/},
            {s:'Windows Server 2003', r:/Windows NT 5.2/},
            {s:'Windows Vista', r:/Windows NT 6.0/},
            {s:'Windows 7', r:/(Windows 7|Windows NT 6.1)/},
            {s:'Windows 8.1', r:/(Windows 8.1|Windows NT 6.3)/},
            {s:'Windows 8', r:/(Windows 8|Windows NT 6.2)/},
            {s:'Windows NT 4.0', r:/(Windows NT 4.0|WinNT4.0|WinNT|Windows NT)/},
            {s:'Windows ME', r:/Windows ME/},
            {s:'Android', r:/Android/},
            {s:'Open BSD', r:/OpenBSD/},
            {s:'Sun OS', r:/SunOS/},
            {s:'Linux', r:/(Linux|X11)/},
            {s:'iOS', r:/(iPhone|iPad|iPod)/},
            {s:'Mac OS X', r:/Mac OS X/},
            {s:'Mac OS', r:/(MacPPC|MacIntel|Mac_PowerPC|Macintosh)/},
            {s:'QNX', r:/QNX/},
            {s:'UNIX', r:/UNIX/},
            {s:'BeOS', r:/BeOS/},
            {s:'OS/2', r:/OS\/2/},
            {s:'Search Bot', r:/(nuhk|Googlebot|Yammybot|Openbot|Slurp|MSNBot|Ask Jeeves\/Teoma|ia_archiver)/}

        for (var id in clientStrings) {
            var cs = clientStrings[id];
            if (cs.r.test(nAgt)) {
                os = cs.s;

var divMessage=document.getElementById('OSMessage');

divMessage.innerHTML = divMessage.innerHTML + 'Your Computer Operating system is '+os;


After adding this piece of code to the content Editor, you will get the output as similar to the below screen shot.

Here in this example I have Operation system as Windows 7. So outputs will is “Your system Operating System is Windows 7”.

Need Your Help: I want to know whether the service Packs information of Operating system also we can get  using the script that I am not able to achieve. Please help me if anybody has the solution.

Always appreciate your comments.  And yes I got most of the code from

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